Marquis Health Solutions is dedicated to providing premier programs and products to improve healthcare practices and patient care.

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Marquis Health is a highly specialized Biologic, Pharmacy, Spine, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, Healthcare company. We believe in enhancing life through Regenerative Medicine by combining applied scientific research with commercialization. We offer the market the most advanced technologies for the improvement of medical outcomes.

Marquis Health Services


Our Laboratory Services platform offers full catalog of testing options can enhance the performance of your practice and improve your patient outcome.

medical device

Innovative hardware and medicine providing physicians with the latest in spine replacement and tissue and bone regeneration for safer procedures.


Comprehensive toxicology testing to support patients and healthcare providers on multiple fronts. From evaluating first-time patients to monitoring ongoing treatment plans for extended healthcare.


Groundbreaking regenerative cell therapies and osteobiologic solutions for pain management and surgical procedures to aid the body's own regenerative cells to improve surgical outcomes and accelerate healing.


Specialty pharmacy that focuses on the specific symptoms of the individual patient, paired with custom compounding that allows for the modification of strength, dosage and high touch medication.


Offering leading technology and design to provide durable compression devices that represents the standard in Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention. Proven results and cutting-edge products yield positive clinical outcomes for premium at home DVT care.

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